Marty Craggs' Little Band Jam


Marty Craggs' Little Band Jam

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Marty Craggs was, for sixteen years, a pivotal member of Lindisfarne, providing lead vocals and playing both saxophone and flute.

For another sixteen years or so, his band The Happy Cats were firm local favourites, playing a wonderful mix of celtic and Geordie folk, with a hint of rock and roll.

Marty Craggs' Little Band Jam take the best of both of his previous bands, add a few traditional irish songs and a few popular modern-day covers.

What it all adds up to, is a fantastic night of communal enjoyment; what a way to welcome in the festive period!

Marty Craggs, Ex-Lindisfarne/Lead Vocal/Sax/Accordion/Whistle/Harmonica/Bodhran/Flute
Dave Whiffin, Guitar/Vocals 
Steve Dolder, Drums
Michael Bailey, Bass Guitar/Vocals