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Rick & Morty Marathon - Punter's Choice

  • Bobiks 125 Jesmond Road Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE2 1JY United Kingdom (map)

No animated show has ever taken full advantage of its sci-fi premise quite like “Rick and Morty,” the blissfully demented ongoing tales of a mad scientist grandfather and his impossibly unlucky teenage cohort.

With galaxies filled by rainbow-colored ecosystems, all the way down to the simple distortions of one-off characters like the Meeseeks, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s inter-dimensional fever dream has delighted in pushing the boundaries of its own bizarre universe.

On a pure episode-to-episode level, few shows can match the intricate plot machinations that send its two heroes to strange new corners of distant planets and suburbia alike. It’s the perfect blend of high-brow, existential dread humor and a main character whose every fifth word is a rumbling belch.

It’ll change the way you look at happy memories, medical exploration, energy innovation, or even TV itself. 

— SG, Indie Wire