Upcoming Events

  • Jack Gleadow- Jacks Entertainment Work in Progress
    Sun, 22 May
    The Leicester Mercury Champion and Multi Award Winner Jack returns to the fringe with his second show with more old school comedy for the modern age. He brings jokes, gags, stories and funny sentences. The best thing to come out of Hull since the M62.
  • Felt Tips
    Thu, 26 May
    A new comedian & new material night with at least 8 acts! Featuring Andrew Flood & Sam Mayes
    Sat, 04 Jun
    It’s unfinished. It’s just a bunch of funny ideas in his head right now. Have you ever wondered what a hilarious comedy hypnosis show looks like *before* it hits theatres across the country?
  • Lauren Pattison: Work In Progress
    Thu, 09 Jun
    Lauren Pattison is back with the beginnings of a brand new show. She is reluctant to say what it is about because if the last year has taught her anything, it's life can change pretty fast... It is what it is.
  • The Delightful Sausage - Nowt But Sea (W.I.P)
    Sun, 19 Jun
    The biggest-titted Edinburgh ‘Best Show’ nominees return with a Work In Progress version of their new show. Learn the horrifying true story of what happened when Amy and Christopher-Louise decided to hide from their problems on a remote island.
  • Felt Tips
    Thu, 23 Jun
    A new comedian & new material night with at least 8 acts! Featuring Jack Fox & Lauren Stone
  • Stephen Bailey: Sophisticated - Work In Progress
    Fri, 23 Sept
    Live at The Apollo star, host of Takeshi's Castle and currently supporting Katherine Ryan on tour! This preview unpacks his life as a queer, working-class man in a predominately straight, middle-class man's world onstage.